Water and phones do mix

The phone which survived a hot wash

The phone which survived a hot wash


My husband lost my mobile phone on Tuesday. I rang repeatedly but there was no sound to be heard.


He fought to believe it would turn up. He offered money to the children if they could find it. He searched high and low, under the bed and in the car. No sign of the phone. So he called work and told them it was lost.


I opened the washing machine to hang up the washing on the line. The phone fell out. It had been through a hot wash, three rinses and a 1200 spin. The leather cover was wet. The phone itself was still working.


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3 Responses to Water and phones do mix

  1. Cytolene says:

    I love this phone.


  2. Liz says:

    No way it was still working! Now what brand phone is that because I might need one – though at the moment my 6plus and I are connected at the hip, er, hand!

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