To the men who wonder why they are not scoring online…

You’ve joined that dating website, the one which promises lots of hot women who are just itching to meet a sexy guy like you. You’ve written a profile, with lots of attention paid to your manly attribute. You’ve uploaded a profile photo which you are certain will make the ladies blink.

Now you sit back and wait for the messages from the hot babes to flood your inbox.

Except they don’t. Your still waiting. So I’ll spill the beans. The problem is your profile photo.

Why on earth do so many of the guys think that posting a bad photo of their cock will attract women?

Would you go up to a woman in a bar, whip out your willy and say, “Look, isn’t it amazing?” No? When why would you do it online?

Yes, I know you’ve joined an adult site where a lot of guys are hoping to get laid, but women are still women and we don’t actually like holding a conversation with a guy’s peepee.

Next time you are wondering why that avatar of your trouser snake is not pulling in the chicks, remember we like to talk to faces, not a semi-erect babymaker.

The time to send a photo of your bell-end to a woman is when she asks for one. Not before. Don’t ask her, “Would you like to see my dong?” Wait until she asks. And asks specifically for a photo of your flagpole.

But hey, all is not lost. You know who really loves looking at pix of your one-eyed-monster? Gay men. So if that’s who you want to attract, keep posting those selfies of your purple-headed yogurt-flinger.

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