The Perfect Plot


I’m clearly milking my crit group partners for good blog posts (hi, guys!).

A while ago, one of the members of the critique group in which I participate joked that he’d bring the first page of his work in progress, and we could help him outline the whole book. So I offered him my best advice on how to make his book a mega-seller.

Plot must have:

No action or excitement until at least Chapter Seven.

Long, pointless reminiscing on main character’s babyhood, childhood and teen years.

Agonizingly lengthy descriptions of scenery and weather.

Lots of irrelevant details to derail story momentum.

Scenes repeated twice or more, from different characters’ perspectives.

Dream sequences that don’t relate to story.

Surprise ending with no lead-up or foreshadowing.


Characters fall into two categories: flawless and fatally flawed. The flawless must continue that way throughout the story, or even become more perfect (wealthier…

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