How to move school and make friends

How to move school and make friends

Moving school can be one of the most traumatic events in a teenage girl’s life. It can mean losing lots of friends, being the outsider, the uncool kid.

Or it can be an opportunity to recreate yourself as a cool kid and fit in with the new school.

The first thing when you start a new school: be friendly. Smile. Appear to be approachable. Even if you are the heroine of a Disney film whose nasty stepmother has packed you off to boarding school in a different country because you look so much like your mother, and you hate every minute, try not to take it out on your fellow students.

Don’t rush into things. There is a good chance that when you start a new school, someone will come bouncing up to you, saying, “Oh, I just know we are going to be best friends.” No matter how glad you are to see a friendly face, don’t commit yourself right away. There’s a good chance this person has no friends for a reason, possibly drugs, arson or a passion for Justin Bieber. You don’t want to get tarred with the same brush.

Spend a day or two watching the class dynamics, while smiling and being nice.

You’ll soon spot the popular girl, the geeky girls, the ones who still use MySpace, the ones who will be leaving as soon as they are legal.

The popular girl and her friends are easy to spot. People react to them, and there is usually a lot of squeeing when they meet each other.

Your target is not the popular girl, the one who is popular because she is pretty or rich or just confident. Your target is her best friend.

Chances are, this girl is in that group because she’s nice and people like her. And because she’s part of the popular group, she can introduce you to everyone and get you invited to the right parties.

You’ll know her because when she walks into the room, she smiles or greets everyone. The popular girl is only interested in the cool girls and the hot boys. The nice girl chatsto everyone, including the boys.

group of girls laughing

The first time you are invited to a party, go. Even if you don’t know anyone else at the party, go to it. Otherwise, you’ll be, “The girl who hates parties” and you’ll never be invited again. Go, and get out and dance. Try not to make a show of yourself. See how other people are dancing, who looks good, and do a version of that.

Chat to the wallflowers. There will be other people there who are not the life and soul of the party. Talk to them, see how many you can get to know. Doesn’t matter if you are shy. “Hi, I’m new, what’s your name?” is fine.

Make friends with everyone on Facebook. It’s useful for checking up on what the math homework was, but it will also mean you are included in more social things. And looking at someone’s Facebook account can tell you more than you want to know about her.

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