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Cytolene rides again

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My most unpopular opinion

Hospitals need more admin staff. I know, I say that and everyone roars that there is too much admin and not enough front line staff like doctors and nurses. But wait. Last year, my 90 year old aunt lost an … Continue reading

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Who rules the world?

“Women rule the world, you know,” he said. “They do? Because I’m not seeing it.” “Oh yes, look at Theresa May.” “You do know women make up 24.1% of parliaments world wide? And 8% of all national leaders and 2% … Continue reading

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How do you know for sure that she has consented?

Actual conversation: Couple naked on a bed, doing sexy stuff. Guy: Wait, should I be checking in with you that you are consenting, like that college consent course said? Her: We just spent an hour chatting on the sofa, establishing … Continue reading

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I Believe her

I believe her. Not just because I’m a good feminist and believe in women, although I am. But because it doesn’t make sense not to believe her. But she might be lying. She might be out to get revenge on … Continue reading

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75 Days to skiing, let’s get fit

  With thanks to the Telegraph, how to get fit for skiing. Find the perfect knee position Watch Octopus Clinic video 85 shows the knee position exercise in more detail. Find the perfect pelvis, hip and back position Watch Octopus Clinic video 84 shows … Continue reading

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Pockets are a feminist issue

Pockets are a feminist issue. I found the perfect pair of trousers in Penny’s recently. Black velvet, long enough for my legs, and most important, with pockets. I got home, tried them on and they were comfortable and flattering. So … Continue reading

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Anna Karenina, or the Wicked Woman

I went to see Anna Karenina in the Abbey Theatre last night. As I expected, it was a stunning play. The scenes were lighting swift, the snow was copious, the actors were beautiful. And every male character in it was … Continue reading

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If Men Breastfed…


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Dating advice for adults in the real world

Hi Auntie Eileen, I’m a guy who is a bit shy and socially awkward. I want to meet women for casual, friends-with-benefits type relationships. No commitments or expectations. I don’t want to lead anyone on, but I want to practice … Continue reading

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