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Pockets are a feminist issue

Pockets are a feminist issue. I found the perfect pair of trousers in Penny’s recently. Black velvet, long enough for my legs, and most important, with pockets. I got home, tried them on and they were comfortable and flattering. So … Continue reading

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Anna Karenina, or the Wicked Woman

I went to see Anna Karenina in the Abbey Theatre last night. As I expected, it was a stunning play. The scenes were lighting swift, the snow was copious, the actors were beautiful. And every male character in it was … Continue reading

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If Men Breastfed…    

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Dating advice for adults in the real world

Hi Auntie Eileen, I’m a guy who is a bit shy and socially awkward. I want to meet women for casual, friends-with-benefits type relationships. No commitments or expectations. I don’t want to lead anyone on, but I want to practice … Continue reading

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The Perfect Plot

Originally posted on pubparlor:
I’m clearly milking my crit group partners for good blog posts (hi, guys!). A while ago, one of the members of the critique group in which I participate joked that he’d bring the first page of his…

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Because you’re having too much fun on a Bank Holiday weekend

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To the men who wonder why they are not scoring online…

You’ve joined that dating website, the one which promises lots of hot women who are just itching to meet a sexy guy like you. You’ve written a profile, with lots of attention paid to your manly attribute. You’ve uploaded a … Continue reading

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